Mists of Panderia Beta – Inscription: Druid Glyphs

In “Live” news, Alleria saw a violent crash in the Glyph market over the last couple of weeks. Marginal glyphs were selling at trash prices. I’m thinking a new scribe is working his/her way through the ranks and that things will stabilize at a better level.

I’m starting to see signs of recovery, but just in case, I lowered my threshold from 50 to 40 gold per glyph – below which I take it off the market for a while. This really didn’t seem to have that much of an effect, which points to volume issues as well. Can you guess which demonic influence might have caused this? Sure  you can.


In this installment, we’re looking at Druid glyphs. There’s been a few builds over which things have firmed up a bit, and we’re starting to see more solid information when we data-mine. However, there are still a few that don’t yet have inks, and we have yet to see the new inks for MoP make a showing, so (hopefully) that change is yet to come (at which point I will likely be busy updating).

Druids have seen a lot of changes.  It seems like more glyphs have been discontinued compared to others, for example, while also seeing an influx of new ones to choose from.

This time the table itself is consolidated. Presenting new versus carried over versus discontinued in separate tables doesn’t serve much purpose if you yourself can sort it any way you want, after all.

As always, the master spreadsheet is up on Google Docs.

[table id=11 /]


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