Names changed to protect the stupid

I was cycling my mailbox, minding my own business.  I had just reposted all of the Inferno Inks I had made for the day (there’s virtually no money in making cards now, but leveling scriveners in a hurry still buy ink) and was pleased to see that they sold almost immediately.

I use TSM to automate posting of auctions based on a few simple rules. For ink, one of the rules is that if nobody else is selling, post at 75g per ink.  Someone will surely undercut, but there will be some decent profits on the race for the bottom.  Apparently, that’s what happened this day.

WIM popped a private tell up, some guy I never heard of before.

Noisy: 75 g per ink? Are you serious???

Hm. Rarely does somebody complain about pricing.

Me: I sell at market rates. Did you just buy all my Inferno Inks?

Noisy: Yeah, that was me.

Me: Were you wanting a refund?

Noisy: No …. I used them already.

Me: We’re done here.


Seriously, if you’re stupid enough to pay that much, don’t expect sympathy.  That’s why my buying is all done by hand. I recommend that for anyone that buys and sells mass quantities.

In this case, the guy just ate 5000g worth of Inferno Ink to make, I dunno, origami eggplants or something. That’s gotta hurt.  But I bet he’s more careful in the future.


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  1. Me: We’re done here.

    I laughed pretty well at this.


  2. Not sure how he can be surprised at the price after buying that many. Was he using a bot to buy or something? Because even TSM and Auctioneer functions that help you find stuff on the AH require you to click to confirm buying, with prices showing clearly.


    • My guess is he was using something like AuctionLite’s “go buy me x flibbles” feature. It still shows the price, but it doesn’t have a bell or anything that says WARNING, LUDICROUS EXPENDITURE UNDERWAY.

      In the old days, before they required hardware clicks to purchase, it would just go out and WHOMP buy it all. Now, at least, you have to click something for each auction you buy out.


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