MoP Beta: on reluctance

My initial interest in the beta was to focus on the Inscription trade skill and maybe the addon interface later on.  I was also going to examine Frost magery and how it changes, but that’s not easy to do without a damage meter (others to the contrary, they are useful).

Turns out, the trade skills aren’t implemented yet aside from getting the new 525-600 "Zen Master" skill level. No new glyphs or whatever. Of course, in Cata, there was only one new glyph.  That needs an overhaul, if you ask me.

Still, one can get some impressions of frost magery by leveling. And therein lies my reluctance.

I am not one of those people that will complain obnoxiously loudly about spoilers. My feeling is, if a story is SO BAD that a spoiler ruins it – then it’s just a gimmick, anyway.  The same applies to video games, though I set the bar a bit lower on what I consider "story" because, yaknow, Stephen King has nothing to fear from these guys ((Unless he plays Alliance)).

However, I am very mindful that, after this expansion comes out, I have four max-level toons that will be going through the VERY same quest lines, and, it occurs to me, I might get hideously bored with it all.  Hopefully not to the point that I become one of those people that complain obnoxiously loudly about how bored I am.

So therein lies my dilemma. It would be nice to be able to post, for once, some insight into how things ARE versus how I THINK they might become, and from a less than popular viewpoint ((C’mon, hunter and warlock posts are falling outta the TREES)), but I don’t want to burn out on it before it’s even released, like so many did in the Cata beta ((I mean, complaining about how bored you are when T11 is still cooling off? Srs.)).

Still, if I’m going to be on the beta I need to line up like a good little QA toady and do my job. So I’ll be giving the magery thing a try for a while, see how it pans out, and try to devise a means of measuring effectiveness without a DPS meter.  We’ll do a survey of glyph carry-over  ((I.e. what glyphs will carry over and what ones will become vendor trash)), and bide time until inscription comes online.

Some random thoughts thus far:

  • "Secure" addons. Looks like that might become a thing based on the addon pane.
  • Humans get a new Stormwind backdrop at the character selection screen.
  • Looks like they’re moving to a unified login for all games. Mrs Grimm installed the beta on her machine to have a look at pandases, and after that I had the option to select between the two games on this account. Well, that’s a guess.
  • Deathwing is still hanging around on the login screen.
  • Theramore is still untouched. But it was VERY bright over there.
  • Also, the graphics engine appears to have gotten a few tweaks. Things look different, maybe better.
  • Not sure if this is new: a little red dot appears on spells when the target is out of range, now, or at least for some spells.
  • This is NOT new, but something I discovered inadvertantly – apparently we now have a native version of RatingBuster in the UI. Great, one less addon to load.

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