My sweet new crib

antec-lanboy-air-yellowReportedly, I missed some sweet hunter gear as an indirect result of yesterday’s meta project.

Basically, our home PC just got moved from a little micro PC "LAN party" style case to an Antec Lanboy Air full tower case. This sucker can hold a half dozen hard drives on air suspended bungee mounts, multiple 2.5" SSDs, two externally mounted drives, and can take something like 16 120mm fans. It’s totally modular – not only ATX, not only ATX-B, but possible future board standards.   I had the original Lanboy case, and it lasted me for many years. This one will likely last many more years to come.

To further futureproof things, Windows 7 Home edition was installed and Things Were Migrated.

The final task of the day was to repair my old Acer AL22W16 monitor and add it to the system as a second monitor. It helps to know how to rework SMD-tech circuit boards, as well as hybrids, and have a soldering station in storage.  The monitor had started to fail incrementally, but the Internet had a solution ((Please note: my power supply board was a newer part than the one in the article. The capacitors required are different. So I suggest that before you embark a similar procedure, that you take the back off your device and verify the part numbers. I know enough about trons to fake my way out of it, but you might not be, so eliminate the element of chance.)).

The procedure was a success, and we now have a proper dual-monitor system, which Alas will tell you is the only way to go ((I’m warming up to that idea quickly)).

The final result is something that I’m sure will last for years outside of occasional upgrades (CPU, mobo, etc.). But a good foundation is needed, and we’re done with that now.

sweet crib

Yes, that’s the Enterprise-A in drydock.  Did I ever once ever say I wasn’t a shameless fanboy? 


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