Returning to the Field of Battle

Since Grimmtooth Actual’s system died, I haven’t set foot in a progression raid. Flora’s been working with the Bunnies on old content (about which you already know) but given how tight timing is with progression raiding ((I’m looking at you, Ultraxion)), I declined to subject myself or my guildies to that brand of failsauce.

Now that the ol’ tronbucket’s back in action, I’ve been looking forward with two parts excitement and one part horror to my first progression raid in weeks. Just before the system died, I had upgraded some gear and gotten some advice on increasing my DPS, which I had not implemented yet.  Coming back, my advisor was nowhere to be found and I had to scramble to enchant and gem my gear.

We’ve gone with a new UI setup, based off of ElvUI. I chose it for simplicity and utility. For the most part it has worked out. 

I’ve also given WeakAuras another try, this time having a lot more success, and it’s actually helped a lot to keep me on my toes.  My DPS has improved somewhat, but is nowhere near where it should be for someone that’s got his T13 four-piece bonus already. More research into a respec is clearly needed.

When last I was in, we were still working on Blackhorn.  Coming back, the effers have downed him twice.  Fortunately, we were using the same strat as before, so after a few mis-steps I was able to get into it, just in time to be taken down by a lag spike in phase 2. But we downed him, and that’s all that matters.

The good news is that the GMs have been working hard on recruitment and brought in some new talent that appears to be working out nicely. Lots of new faces, it’ll take a while to get used to it.

Overall, though, it’s good to be back. Tomorrow we tackle Spine, and, Light willing, Madness.


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