A dream to some …

(200 quatloos to the person that completes the quote and names the source)

Yesterday was an explosion of beta madness.

Sadly, there was angst and drama as some that "paid for beta access" (via the Annual Pass program) were incensed that SOME people that DID NOT PAY got in AHEAD of them.  To them: Listen very carefully. The terms were "guaranteed" access, not "exclusive" or "preferential". I’m willing to bet there are many people out there that were outstanding beta testers for Cata that they want to get back into the process before the tourists come mucking about. So, chill the fel out and go kill some womp rats for a bit. I have faith that you’ll get a turn.  Love ya, buh-bye.

Okay, done being judgmental and vindictive for now.

Let’s talk fun stuff.

With there being no NDA for the beta, and thus having access to the full-on list of glyphs ((WoW Insider has a good list.)) at this point has future glyph mongers like Illume polishing their pestles with glee. To others of less mercantile intent, the list provides insights into what Blizzard means by "moar fun" in this expansion. Druids are absolutely thrilled at many minor shape-enhancing glyphs specific to various forms, such as Stag, Orca, and Chameleon.

What really floats my barge are likewise superficial.

Glyph of Nightmares – Your Felsteed and Dreadsteed can cross water while running and leave a trail of flames.

Throw in a flying demon steed, and I’ll call it even with Death Knights.

Glyph of Felguard – Your Felguard will equip a random two-handed axe, sword or polearm from your backpack.

What this seems to imply is that every warlock out there will have the option to personalize his or her Felguard in a fairly unique way.  Of all the glyphs I’ve read about so far, this one seems to have the greatest chance of being dropped – because how many weapons will they have to deal with, right?

A big fear I have right now is related to something said by a Blue a while back, that being that eventually we’ll be seeing both male and female succubii.  Or succubii and incubii, more properly. I can see it coming out like this.

Glyph of Succubus – Your Succubus will take on a male form.

Why can’t it be

Glyph of Incubus – Your Incubus will take on a female form.

Even better would be this.

Glyph of Demonform – Your Demon form will be male.

Why? Because this game defaults to a male-dominated mindset entirely too much.  Shake up the dudes. Or, at least split the difference between the demon form and succubus defaults. I’m not saying it would undo close to a decade of we-are-the-patriarchy-bitch buffoonery, but it would be a step in the right direction.

On the other hand, how about an even more brilliant step, and making it a game option and not pissing off anyone? Yeah, that’d be cool, too. A couple of little flags is all it would take, guys!

Enough with the negativity on my part ((You are of course welcome to continue on your own.)). I’m looking forward to learning more about how all the new stuff will work out.  This is some good stuff!


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  1. … a nightmare to others! Merlin in Excaliber. 200 quatloos please. 🙂


    • Oh, Merlin did so steal that movie!

      Well done! Your Quatloos are in the crate under the auctioneer in Booty Bay. Enjoy, you earned ’em!


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