On Absence

For close to a week now I’ve been limping along on a backup laptop, for my main system has died. Looks like the SSD ((A solid-state hard drive, no moving parts, TOTES RELIABLE, YO!)) which served as my system drive has failed after seven hard months of service ((As opposed to most hard drives that become obsolete in seven YEARS and still work reliably.)).

The backup laptop is nice enough, but it really can’t run WoW reliably enough to raid, so I haven’t bothered installing it.  Instead, I’ve been enjoying watching Civ V crash the system ((Shoulda kept the Civ IV CD, yo.)) and replaying Railroad Tycoon 3 ((Anyone suggesting I purchase Rails! is going to get The Look. Or a crotchpunch if I know your S.O. Fairly warned be ye, says I.)).

I finally got around to installing WoW last night so I can get about the business of installing my addons and cloning that over to a USB dongle when my replacement SSD arrives.

The good news is that OCZ is replacing the SSD like a boss. I’m awaiting an RMA number which they assure me is in the works. The bad news is that they have to to so in the first place.

So I’m taking a raiding vacation for a few weeks until we get this all sorted.  We still plan to work the AH and get that million golds done, cause, damn, y’all.

Regards to the Effers and Bunnies.

Oh, and Orv – you can totally drop me from the schedule for at least the next three weekends.  That’ll probably do it.


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  1. I’ll be N UR Raidz Team Steelin’ Yur Deeps!!!!!

    Ok, no I won’t. There is no way in the world (of warcraft) that I can every make raid time. 🙂

    Oh, and I don’t have the gear for it.

    And did I mention that RL has me by the nads?



    • It’s funny, when I joined EtI it was partly because the raid times there were totally copasetic to my schedule. I’m east coast, but the west coast schedule really works best for me.


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