Fashionably late

One first-world problem associated with blogging is keeping up with current events. Well, we’re a couple of months into the Transmorgapocolypse and I’m just now getting around to saying the first thing about it.  Mostly, because, well, I really didn’t think that making it a thing was going to be a thing. But it is, so there you are.

It’s funny the subtle distaste that some people show for using this new feature. I’m not sure really why it’s a big deal to draw a line and step to one side or the other of it, but you will find staunch proponents of each.

But seriously, to have the choice in how your characters appear  is a glorious, fun thing for some, and as long as they don’t force fashion-forward sensibilities upon one’s withered soul, why should one complain?  The game world has become filled with color-coordinated mages and bat-winged warlocks, toons actually have some individuality, and people wanna complain?

Maybe it would be better if I discussed my Wookie Jedi Techno-dance-fight master instead ((This needs to be a thing.)).

Maybe not.

All I know is that the haters are out there, and they’re gonna hate.  I’m going to point and laugh, because, well, it’s low-hanging fruit ((And if there’s one thing that Dwarves are good at, it’s swinging at low-hanging things.)).

If you were to look at me on the armory, the first thing you’d conclude is that I’m one of the haters, since I’m pretty much up there in my T12/T13 underoos for all the world to see. There’s a reason for that.

It’s true, I’m a hater. But I’m a hater with a difference.

I’m a hater of almost everything there is about the gear sets they’ve made for Hunters.  Oh, I kinda liked the eyeball shoulder pieces, but that’s not much of a foundation to work from.

hunter Basically, it comes down to mail. I’m not a big fan of mail. Woodsy ranger-type archetypes are generally more leather-y than we get depicted in WoW past level 40. Something I’ve never understood is how a woodsy ranger-type is supposed to function properly as a woodsman in all that clanky metal crap. And don’t get me started on the T13 shoulders … I’m wider than I am tall with those on!  I’m supposed to slip between trees like this? Truly? I’m not an Orc, I expect my wardrobe to make some sort of sense!

Truth is, forest leathers and a camo cloak are the one right look for a Hunter, which IS available, but NOT to mail-wearers. And, unfortunately, one cannot mog mail to look like leather.

There is, also, a sad footnote for my favorite axe. You may recall that I had doubts that Legacy even existed, when it dropped for me in the twilight of Karazhan raiding. I’ve kept it all these years as a memento of past exploits and a reminder that patience may indeed be rewarded. When mogging came about, I was eager to mog my current staff ((Really, why on earth did Hunters get staves in the first place? Does Blizzard even READ fantasy novels?)) to resemble my treasured axe.  And, well, you guessed it. Can’t mog a staff into an axe. And there ARE no suitable two-hander axes in Cata endgame.

So, aside from my goggles ((Engineering pride, yo!)) and my cloak ((Ironforge, REPRESENT, yo!)), I haven’t sussed a look yet.

We’ve managed to get Jas and Illume gussied up, at least, and Fai’s choice was pretty much a done deal as soon as they made the DK starter gear available for purchase. Not gonna lie, though, Flora’s swinging towards frumpy, but we’re still looking at options. Her opinion that it all looks good when lit by the burning bodies of one’s enemies may well be true, but keeping up appearances is sometimes important. I guess we’ll come back to that.  I don’t like the look in her eyes right now, nor how she’s swinging around that red-hot poker that passes for a dagger.

mog_so_farBut here’s some armory links in case you’re curious about where the mog templates came from: Floramel, Illume, Jasra, Faiella.  I’d include WoWHead links (for the 3D aspect), but that part of WoWHead is down.


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  1. Ah Legacy, I remember when it seemed like every hunter had that. Darn cool looking weapon, one of the most memorable in the game if you ask me.

    I was one of the folks that didn’t give a crap about Transmog when they announced it but now that it is out I’m seriously enjoying it. Every one of my characters has their main outfit now and some of them are building a alternative set just to have options. I agree the whole ‘only polearms to polearms, one handed maces to one handed maces’ thing is darn annoying though, I hope that gets modified in a sensible way.


    • It’s funny, the feature really didn’t matter much to me either when it was announced, but I’ve taken full advantage of it now. It is true that I employed Outfitter to swap between an “in town” set and “work clothes”, but when I realized I could clear up some serious bag space, I pretty much embraced the madness. 🙂

      Except poor Grimm, of course.


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