Walking on eggshells

A couple of weeks ago, Saga blogged on the topic of honesty … specifically, being honest with one’s GM and/or guild about one’s intent with regards to other games, and one’s dedication to one’s guild when raiding.  It’s a good, though-provoking read on the uncomfortable spot that not-quite-defectors leave a guild in at times like these – the times in question being times when there is something really popular – STWOR in this case – that people are trying out, but not yet ready to commit fully to. 

Anyhoo, the upshot is some people weren’t being honest about this sort of thing, making up excuses about why they weren’t showing up to raid, so they would should they deign to return, still be assured a spot on the raid. They weren’t really able to commit, either way.

Thinking of this, I noticed another, similar, trend.

A lot of people are going out of their way to not have a strong opinion, one way or the other, on the whole STWOR-WoW ((Or WoW-STWOR for those wavering the other way.)) thing.  Time and time again I see people griping about either a STWOR or WoW feature or lack thereof, followed by more disclaimers than you can shake a stick at.  In some cases the disclaimers are longer than the actual opinion.

Consider the lack of LFD in STWOR, for an example. That topic’s been popping up a lot recently, in posts that more or less almost approach thinking about almost committing to a possible opinion that STWOR might possibly under some conditions slightly benefit from such a thing, but NOT SAYING IT’S BAD WE DON’T HAVE IT Y’ALL and OF COURSE THE WOW ONE STILL MOSTLY ALMOST SUCKS EXCEPT IT PRETTY MUCH DOESN’T EITHER. SORTA.

Ahem …

Okay, the point I’m dancing around ((C wut I did thar?)) is that a lot of gamers are playing both sides of the street today, are happy with that, and want to blog about that new thing, but there appears to be a problem with doing that.

Being part of a large blogging community in WoW, we have all made many friends. Many of those friends ((Hello!)) have no interest in the new shiny, but still read the blog because, hey, still friends!

On the other side of the coin, they are also painfully aware of many of their peers (let’s assume STWOR peers for the moment) have far less "give" in their opinions, and are likely to have little to no tolerance of pro-WoW attitudes – or in some cases, apparently, tolerance.

What seems to be happening as a result is a lot of beating around the bush instead of getting right to the point of things one likes, dislikes, for fear of offending either camp.  One wishes to remain in good stead with the New Order, but feels like being too positive for STWOR or negative on WoW might burn bridges one does not wish to burn.

It’s a shame this is happening, because it tends to marginalize all three camps.  The STWOR partisans become more extreme in aggregate, as do the WoW partisans, and those in between end up tying their own hands and miss many great opportunities to discuss the merits – and pitfalls – of both games in an honest and frank manner.

Hopefully, as things settle out over the next few months, and we can manage to have honest opinions on the things that really matter, such as Pandas versus Ewoks. ((I’m a purist. If it doesn’t have Ewoks and Gungans, it’s obviously not canon.))


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  1. I think one possible factor is that everyone got incredibly sick and annoyed with all the Rift talk “infecting” their WoW space, so maybe people are steering clear for that reason? Or instead of writing about SWTOR on their (formerly) WoW blogs, making new SWTOR blogs instead? I know I sure hated the Rift back and forth and supposed rivalry.


    • I didn’t see that much of it with Rift. What I *did* see that annoyed me to no end was the constant stream of Rift achieese spams in Twitter, which did result in drops. Dunno, but maybe you got something there.


      • Oh man, yeah I wasn’t even talking about the achievement spam (which WAS annoying), but rather the flood of people who were SO EAGER to tell us how good Rift was, or more specifically, how much BETTER than WoW it was, and how WoW was stupid because of this, and how basically anyone who still liked WoW was dumb and needed to get with the times. I hated that so much. I mean, even the talk that Rift was “the WoW killer” automatically throws it into a competitive/bitter divide. I haven’t heard anything like that about SWTOR, and I am glad! 😀


        • Gee, that DOES sound familiar!

          I think all the “wow-killer” spam with regards to STWOR happened so long ago, most consider it said (and those that don’t, are probably not in my reading list, anyway).

          What I saw with Rift was more praise for the interesting mechanics, which I appreciated. I think we found that that can’t carry an MMO by itself, though, so that dried up quickly enough.

          The concept of “WoW killer” is the ultimate compliment to Blizzard. WoW’s the game to beat. I can deal with that more than spam, any day of the week 🙂


  2. I love you so hard for linking to that video to make your point. XD


  3. I think you’re making a very good point. I think people should be able to write about what they want to write about. If you still love WoW and write about that – do it. If you love SW:ToR and want to write about that – do it. If you like both – write about both!

    What frustrates me usually is the whole (which you touched upon) “break-up” mentality of some people who do leave WoW for other games. It’s like when you go through a proper break-up with a partner at times. They will tell you everything that is wrong with WoW, and how glad they are to have stopped. (Most “I quit”-threads on forums are like this.) Then if they went for another game, they seem to have a need to explain to us how absolutely awesome this game is compared to WoW.

    I have no interest in SW:ToR whatsoever. That doesn’t mean it can’t be a good game. Just as I don’t think WoW is a bad game and if I leave WoW it won’t because it’s a “bad game”, but due to other reasons. I like to think that there’s a nice middle ground, and some people seem to be able to play both games (or more even) without issues – while others are not.

    That said, I also think it’s important that we should be able to write about the less good things about any game, without that meaning “it sucks”. I have issues with WoW, as I have issues with any game I ever play. There’s always something you like less. Just like I’m sure there are parts of SW:ToR that are less good. Doesn’t make either game any worse.

    And I’m rambling, sorry *lol* I hope this makes sense, I’m not sure it does. I blame being sick for the past week and running a high fever. It’s totally an excuse, right?


    • On the theme of honesty, I agree that one should be able to blog honestly and frankly about things. That’s really my core worry. I bet there are dozens of blog posts that were not made because the poster couldn’t figure out a way to write the opinion without losing the thread in a miasma of qualifiers and disclaimers, all in the interest of trying to keep the peace.


  4. You are welcome to come say whatever it is you want on my swtor/mmo/gaming spagetthi blog.


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