The end of the year has come and gone and Eff the Ineffable is (a) still around and (b) still kicking and © still recruiting. This comes as a surprise to some since things were looking dark at the end of the year. The fact that the Holidays always wreaks havoc on raiding schedules is still an endless source of surprise to many, and when you’re feeling a little bit vulnerable, as we have been, it ceases to be an academic issue.

Still, you have to admit that losing a GM and over half the core raiding team is a pretty difficult obstacle. Throw in the fact that the new GM has some stuff keeping her away from the game for a few weeks, and conditions are ripe for the typical collapse cycle.

Fortunately, there are many things that mitigated these factors. First of all, the new GM was quick to let people know what was going on, so the usual ennui on the part of the rank and file did not occur.  Secondly, we have some individuals that are willing and able to take up leadership roles – interim or not -  and maintain a sense of order that a guild needs to survive.  And, thirdly, efforts to recruit are bearing fruit – whether to get new members, or to build a guild alliance, remains to be seen, but progress has been made and thus far the new faces have been met with amity and approval.

The net effect this weekend was that we actually had to sit some people out for our weekend raiding. Oh, sure, the new faces were a factor, but that’s the point of bringing them in, or getting together, or however you want to put it.

The ultimate result is that we’ve managed to move on to 4/8 Normal. I realize we’re not talking world or even server firsts here, but it is achievement, it is progression, and I don’t think anyone walked out muttering bad things about anything.

As usual, I am not satisfied with my damage output.  There were one or two fights where I did exceedingly well, but for the majority I’m close to tail-end Charlie by the numbers. On the second day, I realized that I had some gemming and reforging issues, which I’m not sure how happened, but even that didn’t improve things much. I have some time this week, so I’m going to investigate a Survival build.  I hear that’s the hawtness these days. Always in motion, the future is ((Obligatory required Star Wars reference. Wouldn’t be a WoW blog without it.)).

So, anyway, the future of EtI is far less full of woe than it once was, and I consider that to be a good thing.


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  1. As guilty as some of this post made me feel (/shakes fist), I’m glad to see the Effers are going strong and that there was progression. With so much being in upheaval, that’s not a small accomplishment.

    I had hoped to make it to a raid this last weekend, but am still recovering from going to visit those Murlocs. Apparently, my laundry won’t do itself.

    Anyhow, glad things are going well and I hope to catch everyone and say hi. It’s been too long since I’ve seen the Effers.


    • That’s meant less as guilt-fodder and more “shit that happens” in tone. There would have been BIG DWARVEN PUPPY DOG EYES otherwise.

      Sorry we missed you this weekend! I would have actually missed you anyway, since I was on standby; the only reason I was called in was because you weren’t able to make it! AMG it’s like one of those movies in which two people can never meet due to quantum entanglement or something! “Murphy’s Rules” – wait, that’s taken.


  2. You do play a hunter, right?

    I’d be happy to do some log diving and looking at armories if you wanted?


  3. Grimm I thought your DPS was a lot better on the bosses we had seen before than it had been before we had our break, and on Haggara if it weren’t for your pet tearing through those ice crystals I don’t think we ever would have gotten a kill.


    • @Orv – Well, appreciated as always. But you know us DPS types – if we’re not the top of the chart our epeen starts to itch. 🙂


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