Many more to go

What a ride 2011 was for the clan! It was an unusual year to say the least!  In many ways, the story of 2011 is the story of WoW 4.0, a.k.a. Cataclysm.

The Jasra Project truly came to a close just before Cata came out when there was a (according to some) giant blow-up between myself and a guildy and I just stopped wanting to raid or anything else around him. The Vorpal Bunnies’ final charge on Icecrown came to a sullen halt; Jasra took up hanging out in bars in Ironforge and Dalaran, mostly in Shadowform.

To get her out of her funk, she was given the responsibility of maintaining the clan’s money laundering Glyph emporium. That’s worked out pretty well, about which will be written at another time.

Not willing to give up raiding completely, we cast about for a place to raid that did NOT include said unliked guildy.  At this point some really neat people were getting together a raiding guild called Eff the Ineffable. Long story short, Grimm transferred over to raid with some blogging friends and it was good. I’ve never been entirely happy with my performance in that group, but I was never really out of challenges to overcome.  It was fun.

Unfortunately, that lightsaber game (and panda angst, let it be said) pretty much drew off our core raiders. Zel and ATT, Rhii, Morehai, and even our (former) GM, Alas, left to entertain midichlorians or whatever.  A new GM  has stepped up, and we’re trying to get together five or six more raiders of like mind in order to hopefully take down Deathwing.  Time will tell. But, hey – Eff the Ineffable is recruiting, if that sort of thing interests you.

At any rate, Grimm’s now at a crossroads.  Our core raiders just happened to be the friends that drew me in in the first place. Yes, I came for the raiding, but I also came for the camaraderie. This does kinda take the wind out of one’s sails when one’s friends bail out like that. Sure, I’ve been invited to come along and sure, I want my friends to be happy.  Nevertheless, there is woe.  I kind of FRPG-based case of Empty Nest Syndrome. The big personal challenge then is not the raiding itself, but forming new connections within my changed guild, or, if that doesn’t work out, deciding what’s next for the hapless huntard.

After close to a year of not really doing anything with OCV, I did get back into raiding there, first with Illume, then Flora. Having seen all the T11 and T12 encounters at this point, I got to play tour guide.  With a new attitude (namely, I will put said unlikable guildy on mute if he so much as tweaks my blood pressure), I’ve found a new dimension in the game to explore. I’ve seen how it goes if I just walk into a room and start babbling things about the boss. It ain’t pretty. So I’m learning to organize myself better so as to put a better presentation forward when explaining a fight.  It’s almost like being a raid leader, without the responsibility.

We got up to Chim in Blackwing Descent before moving on to some more lucrative T12 raiding in Firelands. We’ve gotten up to Shannox but haven’t downed him yet.  We’re close, though.  Makes me feel pretty proud of our ragtag bunch.  We’ve never been first, but we’ve always been persistent.

Looking forward to 2012, the future’s pretty muddy. Grimm may or may not continue to raid, Jasra may get back into healing, Flora may have returned to Destro.  Every time renewal comes up, I now pause and consider my options because at times, dear readers, I consider other games I have not been playing.  Hell, reading the manual for Hearts of Iron 2 is likely to freeze up my cortex all on its own.

Oh, I’ll most likely not end up in SWTOR; that game’s made for people that watched all the TV shows and read all the graphic novels. The only SW novel I ever read was "Splinter of the Mind’s Eye" by Alan Dean Foster, and I view all the new animated characters in the same way I view Ewoks and Jar Jar.   No, definitely not, but I might give Eve another try, or STO, if I’m inclined towards an SF-themed game.

If I do wander off, this blog will not record the annals of any exploits in other universes.  I’ve had to weed too many newly SWTOR-centric blogs from my blogroll lately to contribute to that problem myself. I will have a nice and tidy good-bye here, probably migrate it all over to Blogspot or WP-free, and if I blog again it’ll be on a new blog.

But enough of that. Right now, today, I’m looking at a renewal notice and getting ready to commit to another three months. And there’s an expansion in the works; I predict delivery this year, last quarter, but I’m probably wrong. Still – monks!

Here comes 2012. I hope it’s friendly.


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  1. You guys could move your raid team to Thorium Brotherhood and join my little guild and start up your raid team again there? =O

    I know that’s unlikely, but I’ve been looking and looking for another raid group to add to the guild to liven up gchat. 😡


  2. Grimm it has been fantastic raiding with you this year. You’ve had one of the best attitudes of anyone in the guild and whatever your numbers I have always felt we’re better off having you there.


  3. Aww…. you made me feel guilty there.. I miss you too. I’d give you a hug but that’s not very manly (dwarfy?) so instead I’ll raise my mug to ya!

    I do miss you in lightsaber land! I truly wish you to find that happy spot again in WoW.


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