A PSA regarding artwork

As you may or may not have noticed, the header image on this blog rotates among a collection of images. ((Why I go to this much trouble in the age of feed readers is a mystery, but I do, so there.)) While most of these are screen shots from my own dalliance in the world of Azeroth, others are not.

It is these others that I wish to discuss.

As you may or may not be aware, Blizzard has an extensive art collection, which it posts on the community website.  Some of it comes from Blizzard itself, such as concept art, drawings, and paintings. Others come from other Blizzard publications, such as the Trading Card Game. And a large number of them come from contributions to Blizzard by fans, which, as far as I can tell, are also claimed as copywritten by Blizzard.

Now, the Blizzard artwork seems to be generally seen as available under fair use for fan sites and sundry, which most WoW blogs could be classified as if one wished to classify such things. So I don’t have much in the way of qualms about using an especially striking concept landscape as part of the rotation.

Fan art, however, is actually created by someone other than Blizzard. Regardless of whether they claim copyright or not, I’m not sure fan artists realize that greedy dwarves such as myself will often come a-pillaging, and thus the works may propagate outside of that venue.

So, in the interest of fairness; if you are a fan artist that has contributed to Blizzard’s site and you see your work in my image headers, you have the option to ask me to take it down, or require me to provide a link back to your site in exchange. I will of course comply should an artist not wish his or her works be part of the header image rotation of a fairly obscure WoW blog.

I have updated my "about" page to reflect this accurately.


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