PSA: Google Analytics is a fickle ally

Excitements and Alarums

If you are a user of Google Analytics, and you blog anonymously, your real identity may be at risk of discovery.

The problem is that certain aspects of Analytics are public, including a unique ID that goes with a specific Analytics account – NOT the blog itself, but the whole account, which may be linked to multiple blogs.

Thanks to reverse lookup services, Analytics can be used to eventually correlate all blogs on a single account to each other.

If one of these happens to be a non-anonymized  blog, well, you’re found out.

What to Do About It

Don’t panic! The solution is simple, though somewhat less convenient than having everything under one roof.

Simply go out and create a new Analytics account for your anonymous blogs.  I personally would recommend one account per blog, for enhanced security, but at least decouple your real-identity ones from the rest.

True, this is a bit more bookkeeping for you, but if security is important, it’s worth it.

My Log Does Not Judge

I know there are those that don’t see the need for this level of security because they don’t feel they need it for themselves.  I can understand that; I don’t have the need for myself. 

However, there are many legitimate reasons, which I will not try to trivialize in any way.  Someone hiding from an abusive ex, not making it easy for sleazy collections firms, hiding from Mexican drug cartels … lots of real reasons out there. I’m not going to judge them.

If you feel happy using your real name on the internet, that’s fine. Just don’t be a hater. Respect others’ desire for privacy and either be helpful or stay out of the way.


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  1. “they shall seek and they shall not find.” It is hard to find a person or anything if you keep on hide an seek idea. Pretty fond but that will annoying you a lot. I will thoroughly appreciated the things you does here on this blog and eventually got informative blog to be.


    • This is an interesting and exciting aspect and I will have o following your website to keep up on this topic and others. I must inform my friends.


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