A couple of updates.

First of all, many hells of bloggers have make their voices heard.  Whether due to this or due to glacially-paced cognizance at TGNTV, the offending arts have been removed. Score one for the good guys.

Secondly, as Liala herself has pointed out, the offenders are TGN-TV, not the far less (in fact not at all) thievish TGN.  The Management Regrets any confusion on this matter.

If you don’t follow Twitter, you may have missed this.   Well, I’m there for ya.

There’s this website called TGN-TV, one of those websites that gives me the willies, and here we have someone called "Pandora" giving away art.

And here we have friend-of-the-blog Liala and some work she did back in May.

See any resemblance?


Shame on you, TGN-TV!

Peeps, if you see merchandise bearing this art from TGN-TV or anyone other than the original artist, please don’t buy it, and report them to the proper authorities, or the artist, at least.

And for crying out loud, people, just because you find it on the internet doesn’t mean you can put your name on it and sell it to unsuspecting rubes.  You will be found out.  If you’re lucky it won’t involve a lawsuit.


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  1. That is such a blatant ripoff it’s not even funny. And to hear her smug little voice claiming credit is even WORSE.


  2. Disciplinary Action

    Thanks for the support, Grimm! The WoW community does such a great job of bringing would-be plagiarists and copyright infringers out into the light. It’s a boon to me and all creators of art (and words!) that there’s nowhere for poaches to hide. Blizzard is even involved in this case, as some of the art used belonged to Blizzard artist Howard Lyon. (And just wanted to clarify that the perps in this case were “tgntv”; they lifted the name from the well-known non-thieves TGN, who tell me these jokers have caused endless problems for them.)


    • I’ve updated the post here to be more specific. I find it hilarious that they even stole the NAME of the site, apparently. What an operation.


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