Last night, Flora got benched so I could participate in a unique guild event.  So, thanks, Flora, for not setting my Cheerios on fire this morning.


When the nature of 4.2 and the introduction of a new Legendary staff was clear to us, we actually had a vote ahead of time to pick who would get the staff fragments, should it ever drop for us. Well, it did, indeed, drop for us, and our esteemed GM, Alas, was the designated recipient – a choice I highly approve.

Last week, she obtained the final fragment and thus began the harrowing next steps, which apparently includes soloing a special instance of The Nexus – one of the rare times that such back-referencing happens. I wish I could have been a bug on a wall for that, from a lore perspective.  Alas avers it was extremely difficult ((I could swear she posted about that, but I can not find it. No link for you.)). Well, that’s fitting, it’s a Legendary staff, after all.

Last night’s event, then, was to obtain a branch of Nordrasil that Ragnaros’ chums had obtained. To do this required us to go in as a raid and engage several bosses long enough for her to obtain bits and bobs, and then a new, special boss encounter for the branch.

I can’t speak to the lore aspects, but from a gameplay perspective, I gotta say I like the way this is going. Engaging to the recipient, difficult but not impossible, and engaging to the whole guild. This is a great thing. It promotes esprit de corps, strengthens the whole guild identity thing.

As a guild we chose the one to whom this staff went to, and as a guild we are there helping her complete it. That’s pretty awesome.

I have yet to see the endgame for this from within, but so far, it looks like Blizzard hit it out of the park.

A note: somebody in vent was saying there was like nine months of full clears to go in order to get the rest of the stuff for the final staff. Mathematically, that’s not possible. I’ve seen several people get this staff already – you can’t miss it if you live in Stormwind – and 4.2 hasn’t even been around for nine months. So if you see exceptionally large numbers presented in guides, seek a second opinion. I have reason to believe they are wrong.


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  1. Grimm, when I said nine months I was going off of the Icy Veins guide that Zel had linked. There are 7-8 full clears needed for the collect 1000 things bit (I don’t remember if this is shorter for heroic modes over normals), then she has to collect some new sort of Embers. The drop rate for the embers is such that it takes between 14-21 clears on 10 man normal mode, but only 6 clears on 10 man heroic mode. Most of the guilds who have the Legendary have been doing heroic modes and enjoying the much higher drop rate.


    • Well, as Data would say, “further research is clearly indicated” That’s a hella discrepancy between Heroic and Normal. All I’m sayin.


      • I certainly agree! Additionally I am hopeful that soon we’ll be making attempts at heroic bosses, and if we’re lucky we’ll have a couple of them on farm by the time Alas gets through the next phase… 6-8 weeks from now.


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