Post-raid lucidity before bed time

I was quite nervous about raiding Saturday. I’ve been very much so since last time I set foot in Ragnaros’ den. One rarely enjoys something that offers little chance for success. BUT. Gotta pull my weight, or give it a good try, anyway, so tonight I took my second look at ol’ flame-face. No, we didn’t take him down. But, in my eyes, we DID make progress.

We started out unable to handle the Sons at all, but near the end we had a couple of very good and clean Sons phases. Our next challenge is the Seeds – not just the first wave, but subsequent.  We’ve been given our homework assignments. I shall study more.

No, Yours Truly did not top the charts, and he’s not likely to for a bit, but at least I’m in a spec that I like. If I fail at MM so bad that BM does similar numbers, it doesn’t matter – and I can flaunt my exotics around to boot. The upshot is that I did see some improvement in my performance, and that contents me.


The previous night was far less stressful, though our fight against Alys put me in new and unfamiliar territory – I was the flyer. One of my weak spots is taking a job that HAS to be done reliably, so this will help me deal with it. Right now I’m just focusing on staying alive, no matter how many times I have to pop my parachute.  I managed that on our final try of the night – and we did take her down, so, woot.  Again, homework. What does the flyer bring to the party, and how can I make that more awesomer?

I AM annoyed that my main nuke is down on the ground, though. Maybe I should swap to SV and bring a wind serpent for this fight.  If only they didn’t shrink our stompasaurus down after we tamed him, he’d have a shot at nipping hat her feathers when she did the molt thing.

Speaking of SV – let us not speak long of my performance on Beth.  My secondary spec UI was busted and I didn’t realize it until the battle started. So, I henceforth plan to run at least one day a week in SV spec just to keep it fresh, and avoid such embarrassing incidents in the future.


Alas got her final fragment for the Legendary Staff quest! She has a bunch of other quests to do now, and apparently needs to run some Firelands trash to gather other bits. She posted a request on the Calendar for Tuesday that sounded quite apologetic (we get to die a lot, apparently). Silly mage. Once a posse, always a posse. Flora might miss a raid night this week, but it’s well worth it.  How many times in this game do you get to be part of such a thing?  My only regret is that I won’t be able to witness it from end to end. Her own misgivings aside, I’m very excited for her.


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