Creative use of game mechanics

This week the Vorpal Bunnies forayed again into Blackrock Descent.  I’m happy to say that after a few tries, we were able to add Maloriak to our trophy case.

That’s  not what this is about.


In front of Mal’s room is this fine specimen, one Maimgor. Maimgor is just a trash mob, but he’s a tough one, and if you do something really wrong, it can all go wrong in an instant.

Noted is that the Bunnies are really good at finding how to do things really wrong.

Now, depending on your guild, you might have a policy that everyone die on the spot to save time, or you might have no policy, which is our situation, and so a few of us have a tendency to see if they can actually get away from the boss and life to see another day.

And thus it was when Maimgor killed both tanks and nommed on a very surprised warlock, a great many people had time to run away, get to the elevator, and ride it up to the next level.

"He can fly, you know", came across Vent.

"He’s not, though. He’s walking – holy crap, he’s waiting for the elevator!"

And he did. And then he rode the elevator to the top. My comrades of course had evacuated by that point, so when he got up there, he sniffed around, then rode the elevator back down and resumed his post.

Not sure if this is to be filed under "unintentionally funny" or "hey, an Easter egg!"


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  1. I just had to share that with AJ. HOLY FUCK THAT IS FUNNY. XD


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