A Love-Love Relationship

I’ve been running with the old guild as we take our tentative steps into BRD.  We cleared Magmaw a few weeks back, and a couple weeks after that, downed Omnomnomnitron. We may be lagging behind the curve, but the team sure does know how to pick up a fight after a couple of tries. The GM has a good approach to this, and it’s effective, no doubts.

Not unexpectedly, I was tail-end Charlie in DPS, so I brought a Destro build to spice things up on Omni. It was a total failure, and I really can’t claim not to know that build, because I do. So, I did a little research.

To my chagrin, I found that Affliction was the new hawtness. Demo was at least in the running (and supreme on AoE fights), but Destro was yesterday’s news.

This may be a surprise, but I actually like Affliction, a lot, and was quite excited about the changes in 3.0 for Afflic – though they didn’t pan out as awesome as I posited at the time. My love for Afflic is however in conflict with my love of Demo. Both are such signature specs for the Warlock class, and both got some great new toys to play with in 4.0.

So, I’ve set up a shiny new Afflock build, poked around on all the usual sites for advicements, Reforged a bit (not as much as I expected), regemmed, and spent a while on the target dummy getting my Power Auras put together.

Initial results look promising, more or less same as Demo without raid buffs and on a target dummy. The next step is to get buffed and beat on a real boss or three.

I *am* concerned that I won’t have my trusty Felguard, Hubert, around to keep me out of trouble should I nab aggro, but am comforted that we’ll have at least one mage handy to take up the slack. ("I wonder if he’ll remember to iceblock… ow, guess not.")

Why, yes, I did bring my inner Palpatine along. Afflocks do that sort of thing. That’s what they say on Elitist Bastiges, anyway.



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