Everybody else is doing it, so why can’t we?

It’s always fun to read other blogs’ "lookee at our search terms" posts. People get to the oddest places with the most unexpected search terms.  I’ve never looked at mine but I thought I’d take a gander.  Unfortunately, the people visiting here via Google searches are relatively boring when compared to the freaks that land at, say, Zel’s place.

Let’s have a look.

  • Varian Wrynn – It’s pretty sad that Flora’s rant about people hating on their own faction is in the top 150-ish search results for our beloved yet oddly quiet (in this expansion) monarch. And, by the way, why is that? He was all over the place in Wrath, but he’s been hunkered down in his new playhouse for Cata.
  • (Hell’s) Angels Logo – The alt text of the logo for this silly story is in my top twenty results. Within the top 300 results, which buries it way down there, but still. What is this I don’t even.
  • Oh, wait. That’s this page. Ranked in the top 100? What is this … wait.
  • Quatloos! Ranked in the top 50? Clearly there are not enough ST:TOS blogs out there.
  • By the way, that post is also in the top 200 for Murloc Mud Wrestling. Why is this a thing?
  • Firelands nerf? No, but we have Firelands Nerd. That was … unexpected.
  • We’ve got Tiffin Wrynn here, ranked higher than her other half. Sadly, since she seemed to be a nice lady and deserves a better destination than this.
  • Hearing voices in my head? As always.

It’s Monday. Have a good week anyway.


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