Not so fast there, pardner

Massively just ran a "soapbox" piece on the topic of "How raiding make you a horrible person."  I kid you not. Since it is an opinion piece, I shall rebut appropriately.  Go read first, though. We’ll wait.

  • Item the first. Raiding doesn’t make you a horrible person.  You either are, or you aren’t. Raiding has nothing to do with that.
  • Item the second. Raiding may just give your inner horrible person an avenue to express itself.
  • Item the third. In other words, if you are a horrible person, the problem isn’t raiding. It’s you. Sorry, no nice way to say it. ((In general, if someone says that something makes them a bad person, it’s not the thing, it’s them, though I’m going to say alcohol and drugs are the exception, and if someone says that Coke makes them become a serial killer, put some distance between the two of ya.))


I’ve raided with two groups of people on a regular basis. Almost none of them are horrible people. Of the one exception, I learned to put him on ignore to spare myself over his endless swearing over lost loot rolls.  We’ve hit walls together, broken through together, had down times and good times. We raid together because we want to raid together.

I’m willing to believe that that is the norm, and the "horrible person" thing is the anomaly.

Mind you, the same applies to raiding as to anything else – if you can’t behave yourself in that venue, avoid doing it. ((Or seek help, I suppose.))

/dons asbestos fishing hat


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  1. That article was so irritating. Not everyone is like that, some people raid for the fun of it, and upgrades are just a way to keep raiding. Some people just want to do stuff with friends. Some people want gear but aren’t douchebags about it.

    Bah. Whatever. Wonderful rebuttal! ❤


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