We have always been here

I keep encountering a particular subject, or pieces of it, from various blogs. I think the thoughts behind this blog post started in earnest, however, when I read another blogger’s post that contained a comment about how, in effect, WoW was being invaded by old people.  I wish I could remember who it was, but at the time I couldn’t be arsed to get fired up about it, and now it’s lost to me.

At the time, I read the comment and just snorted to myself.  If I had to get wound up every time I saw somebody being wrong on the internet, I’d stroke out. Besides, sometimes it’s just an opinion and everybody’s allowed that.

But, let’s set the record straight here.

We have always been here.

We made this happen.

We were out there buying the progenitors to WoW – Diablo, Warcraft, Starcraft.

We were out there buying the MMOs that came before WoW.

We were playing MMOs before they were MMOs.

Worst of all: you will be we soon enough.

And, oh, by the way, if you personally, in the moment, remember Gold Box D&D, first-generation Roguelike MUDs, and that sort of stuff, you ARE one of us.

So enough of that. The playerbase isn’t aging – people are just noticing that there are more people over 30 than they suspected. 

Now, get off my lawn.


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  1. I have only one thing to say. ‘It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.’


    • Haha, that game was popular in the period of time where commercial games and more popular systems – TRS-80, VIC-20, Atari (later 2600) – were out of my reach, so I had to settle for ZX-81 knock-offs that I copied from source listings in magazines.

      (To make it even more pathetic: I finally saved up enough money to buy a Sinclair Spectrum import just three days before Sinclair stopped selling them, and the importer couldn’t get any and went bust before I got my monies back).


  2. My online gaming experience started with a MUD. By most accounts, I am an old gamer. And that’s fine with me. That’s awesome with me. In fact, it’s a selling point of our guild… that most of us are 30+. And of our younger members, most either don’t think much about the age difference, or are intrigued by the idea that they are ‘older people’ playing WoW.

    Personally, I’ve never encountered any weirdness over my age from others playing the game. But I would be amused if I did. Money makes the world go round… and if there is one advantage to age it is disposable income. Cha-ching.


  3. TOG !! http://www.theoldergamers.com/ A multiplicity of guilds of older players for just about every game out there, including WoW. Their member list is unbelievably large.


  4. OMGOSH You Are So Right!

    $$$ speaks, and the older gamers got it. We have jobs, those we’ve most likely been in our particular field for 10+ years, and we have the income to prove it.

    For those teeniboppers out there, their WoW availability lasts until their next internet grounding. Their WoW river flows until they get into trouble, and then they see their subscription dry up when mom/dad refuses to pay for it. I tell you, the best thing about a job is the paycheck, and us old-fogies have it!



  5. Logging on to a uni mainframe (remember those?) to play some version of startrek with ascii graphics. 1st edition Warhammer rules (the samurai army list was insane). Blowing part of an insurance payout to buy the Commodore64 just after it released. Acoustic modems. BBS’s via dialup. I am older than the internet and still play games.


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