The problem with GupPet

STOP RIGHT THERE! As of early December 2011, the author has begun updating the addon again.  The new version (2.020-ish) works properly.  See here for more details.

If you have been using the addon GupPet, you’ve no doubt noticed that (a) it has problems with swimming mounts in Vash’jir, and (b) it has problems with any of the new mounts from 4.0.6 onward. This is a shame since GupPet is otherwise one of the most sophisticated and well-featured random mount addons you are likely to encounter. Fortunately, all is not lost. I have some tips on how to fix both issues.

Easy one first – the swimming mount issue

In the most recent version, 2.018, the following appears in the release note.

Fixed the bug where a flying mount was selected while swimming if you only had a mount that can be used as ground and fly

This got me thinking: what if that broke something else? So, I downgraded to 2.017.  That fixed the problem!

New mounts!

This is a little harder to sort out, but isn’t that difficult if you’re familiar with using text editors to edit configuration files.

GupPet puts all of its mount data in a single file called Gup_MountData.lua. The trick is to find a mount similar to the one you want to add, copy it, paste it where needed, and then edit the new data to add your mount.

Here’s how.

  1. Find your Addons. On an XP box, it’s C:Program FilesWorld of WarcraftInterfaceAddons, in Win7 and Vista it’s C:UsersPublicGamesWorld of WarcraftAddons. Inside that folder you will find a folder called GupPet .Find your addons
  2. Find the file to edit, and open it with a text editor. The file is called Gup_MountData.lua. You can use NotePad, but I recommend one of the free replacements such as NotePad++ (which will be used for this example).Edit this file
  3. Find a mount similar to the one you want to copy.  In this case, I want to add my new Subdued Seahorse mount, so I’m going to copy the seahorse mount that everyone gets in Vash’jir, as you can see.I'm on a seahorse!
  4. Copy that mount’s info, and paste it where it needs to go. In this case, it goes right at the end of the aquatic mounts section.Paste the copied mount info
  5. Edit the name of the mount. This is not required – the mod will work either way – but if you don’t edit the text on the far right (a programming comment), you may forget what’s what in your updated file. DO NOT REMOVE THE DOUBLE-MINUS AT THE START OF THE DESCRIPTION. The addon will break if you do.Edit the comment
  6. Find the mount on WoWHead. You need the ItemID of the mount. There are many ways to get that information, but this is the surest.Let me WowHead that for you
  7. Find the ItemID. The ItemID is the unique identifier of the mount (not it’s reigns or similar "item" that teaches you the mount). The ItemID will be the number at the end of the URL for that mount’s WoWHead page. Note the ID and write it down.Get the ItemID That's the ItemID
  8. In the LUA file, change the ItemID of the copied line to that of the mount itself.Change the ID
  9. Save the file and you’re done! If you are logged in to the game, you will need to exit the game and re-start it ((There are other ways, yes, but this is the most reliable way to get the right results. Hush. Do eet.)).


And that is it!  You should now have the Subdued Seahorse as a usable mount in GupPet if you should ever catch Poseidus out on a stroll.

Here’s an example of adding a couple of flying mounts. In this case, the Flameward Hippogryph and the Winged Guardian.

Two flying mounts

Finally, at the top of the file is a guide to the flag logic that you can use when adding mounts of various types.

Mount Flags

When upgrading, don’t forget to copy this file off as a safeguard against being overwritten by one with incomplete information. You will need to manually inspect the upgrade file to ensure that all your mount data is preserved in the new one.  Now, I suspect that any upgrade that comes down the pike will be up to date with the latest mount data. But I also find it unlikely that we will see an upgrade since this one is close to eight months out of date (nine, if you don’t count the broken 2.018). Otherwise I’d not be writing this guide.

Hey, if you know of a maintained addon that has all the bells and whistles that this one has, please do drop a line in the comments.  And, if not, then at least we can extend the life of this lovely piece of software a bit more. Who knows, we might keep it running into 5.0!


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  1. I agree…. I wish there was an alternative to guppet. Mines become buggy. It used to auto summon pets for me, if I didnt already have one….not anymore 😦


    • If you’re willing to do without some of the frills, GoGo Mount does a good job with the mounts, and Kennel will handle the companion pets.

      For the time being I’ve come to live with the foibles of GupPet and hope it gets updated, or somebody forks it, or something new and improved comes along.


  2. I will check out both of those later today…. thanks.


  3. Is it possible you can upload a corrected version? Guppet also doesn’t realize most small flying mounts also work as ground mounts now (gryphons, wyverns, etc).


    • Actually, I’ve done it myself. Uploaded as a .txt file, just change to .lua.


    • I’ve been working on the addon to resolve the issues (outside of the missing mounts) that I have encountered. Downgrading to 2.017 only met with limited success. On some toons it worked great, on others, not so much. For example, none of the toons encounter this ground mount issue you refer to. Yet around half still have problems with undersea mounts, while the others do not.

      I see in general where the problem is, but it’s slow going as I’m learning LUA on my own as well as trying to reverse engineer the mount-enablement logic.

      If I ever get this working the way I want, I’ll upload it somewhere. It can’t be uploaded to the current Curse page because I’m not the author (a sensible precaution) so I’d have to rename it to something silly.

      One thing I did notice – if you use the “mount aquatic” keybind, it properly finds and randomly selects an underwater mount. It’s only if you use the “pick something out of everything” auto-mount keybind that I am seeing the problem.


      • If you enter a battleground and use completely random mounts, guppet will never select gryphons or wyverns. You can mount on them in battlegrounds manually, though. It was a recent patch that they were made dual-duty like sparklehorse. The updated mountdata.lua I attempted (and failed) to link corrected that by adding the [1=true] tag to those mounts.


        • Is there a list of all the mounts that can be used as ground mounts somewhere? I see magic carpets being used in TB every once and a while and wonder how many more would work with the [1=true] tag that I just manually added to all of my gryphons.


          • I’m pretty sure there’s a site dedicated to mounts and companion pets out there, but I’m having difficulties remembering the URL. or something. Something like that would be my starting point. Ouside of that I’m unaware of any comprehensive list.


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