Let’s Twist Again

Post production is done, and now the podcast is live!  I’m speaking, of course, of this week’s Twisted Nether Blogcast, which had the questionable judgment to bring me on.

  • MARVEL at my ability to form nearly-complete sentences in the week hours of the morning!
  • CHEER as Hydra practically squeaks when I say she was one of the reasons I started blogging!
  • STIFLE the inevitable laughter when I try to sidestep admitting that I’m trying to cut back on playing time, ’cause, I’M NOT ADDICTED Y’ALL. 😀
  • SHOUT out to the guildies for representing in force – even Alas, dear GM and benevolent dictator for life, made an appearance!
  • WONDER if Grimm can even READ, he missed so many chat cues.

Seriously, even though we were 45 minutes late starting, it was waaaaay early in the morning (or waaaay late in the day, I suppose!), it was an enjoyable couple of hours and I’d like to thank my gracious hosts Fim and Hydra for being crazy enough to have me. I hope you enjoy it, and, if not, I’ll have a word with Management regarding refunds of your full ticket price!


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