Revenge of the Post, Gank Edition

WoW Insider done made themselves a kefluffle!  Just look at Twitter, RagefaceBook, at various blogs, and there it is.  A kerfluffle. Well, as AOL will tell you, "no such thing as a bad pageview", amirite?

So, here it is.  In an article called "How to Ruin Run the Molten Front", for the "Encrypted Text" series, which is a Rogue series. If you haven’t read it, you should probably skim it at least.

Now, the kerfluffle is this. Accusations have rang out that WoW Insider is supporting ganking and griefing by allowing this article to be published. Naturally, many of our favorite bloggers have chimed in on it. It’s a merry old bruhaha, it is.

I’m … not on board.

Here’s the thing.

The techniques described in the article (should have read it!) will only work if the target is either flagged, or on a PvP server. Since there is no good reason at all to be flagged in the Molten Front zone, one can reasonably conclude that the article is written from a PvP server perspective ((If I had to find a flaw, to find fault, it would be that this was not spelled out.)).

I find it amusing – ironic, even – that anyone on a PvP server would put forth the argument "Leave me alone I just wanna get my dailies done!"  Carebear, much?  I mean, come on. Anyone on a PvP server that utters those words should lose the right to use the word "carebear" forever.

PvP. It sucks. It’s the worst thing EVAR.  So here comes some rogue pointing that out, and how to make sure that it REMAINS the worst thing EVAR.  And ganking comes with. Is it sucky. You bet. Is it out of line? Let’s say, it’s par for the course.

Is it griefing?  Not really, in my opinion. It’s just the way things work on a PvP server. There are no such things as handshake agreements between factions on a PvP server. It’s brutal and it’s ugly and if someone gets out of line, they pay the price in blood. It is a self-correcting mechanism.

Back in the day there would be world PvP even on PvE servers, notably in places like Hillsbrad. The only way that anyone could get anything done was for people to work together to protect each other.

So my advice is: do likewise.

If  your factionmates can’t be arsed to come help, if your own guild won’t, then your faction has surrendered the battlefield until they muster the resources to reclaim it.

On the matter of faction balance, which was pointed out in the comments, well, there’s the rub. Blizz does have a responsibility to balance things out, I agree. On an unbalanced PvP server, one side is stuck in what must seem like Groundhog Day at best, Miracle Day at worst.

So, to summarize: ganking, yes, griefing, no, and somebody should do something about that server balance thing.

Also: one more reason I’ll never set foot on a PvP server again.

You wanna know how to get Capone? They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. *That’s* the *Chicago* way! And that’s how you get Capone.

Malone obviously knew all about world PvP.

Too bad he got ganked.


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