Puts a smile on

I once read something by a fellow that espoused what he called a "Christian" driving method ((Don’t get hung up on what he called it. It is what it is. Please be considerate and focus on the actual point. Love, me.)). Basically, he said, why drive like an inconsiderate lout when it gained you at best a couple of minutes? Why not do the decent thing and, for example, let people merge ahead of you or pull out of a parking lot?  He felt that by making his corner of the world a little better place for somebody, he was doing a good thing. I wish I could remember who it was. You may have heard of a similar philosophy called "paying it forward". Same basic idea, except without the expectation that the recipient do the same. Rather a hope that they would without being asked to.

We’ve always used a similar approach to gathering here at Casa de Grimmtooth, in that no single node, herb or ore or fish, is really worth fighting over ((Nodes in battlegrounds are a different matter, of course!)). If I see someone headed for the same node, I generally veer off. If there’s a person fighting mobs  near one, I’ll wait to see if that person is fighting for the node before taking it.  Sometimes things load slow and I don’t realize I ganked somebody’s node, but generally I avoid it.  There’s always another node further on ((Mind you, I don’t always live up to the ideal. Sometimes it’s blatant and I just can’t help myself. Stupid stormcrows.)).

So there I was. It had been a long day of constant movement, gathering those flowers and hoping some cheater Stormcrow wouldn’t come in and gank my goods while I’m dismounting. I’m circling Deepholme gathering stuff to grind up, and I see a node. Near, but not on top of, the node is somebody fighting one of the elementals.  Seeing that, I hovered, and after the fight was over, the toon headed for the node. Well, that was that. Checking the map, I headed off to the next node.

Normally it ends there, but then I got a whisper.

 A Good Deed Gets Noticed

It doesn’t happen often. But people do notice, from time to time.

Happy hunting.


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