Some updates

As I go along, a lot of times I end up leaving some loose ends and unresolved questions behind. Time to catch up a little.

Somebody woke up …

When last we looked, Jasra was playing the undercut game on the Auction House and doing pretty well. Since then, some of the local goblins have gotten a little more aggressive. She vows that she will destroy a glyph’s market to shake them, however, and that has had interesting ramifications. We’ve developed whole new mechanisms to end a price war and get back into the good price levels.  The income has been smaller, but still steady enough so that all 9 toons on her server are sitting at 13K or more, apiece.

My own glyphing experiences are less entertaining, but mostly I’m staying afloat as I learn the final glyphs (two a day from research). Not much to say here, yet.

We get letters!

The HUD comparison got someone’s attention, at least. I got some good feedback from the author of DHUD4 regarding the difference between it and its sibling, as well as some good pointers on measurement techniques, which I will take forward with me.  He also clarified what the DogTags library was used for, so I went back and updated the charts.

I also found a fellow CircleHUD fan. As I commented back, I’ve actually been using CircleHUD since after the review. Even with the minor shortcomings, it’s good at what it does and I’ve found it to be very handy.

The Squeaky Wheel gets the Herb?

In my article on software regression, I commented that part of my evaluation of Blizzard’s ongoing commitment to quality would take place when 4.1 came out.  I felt that if we saw a decrease in phased nodes, and no new ones added, then it would indicate some moderately good news for us as customers, namely, that they know of the issues, and are working to clear them up, rather than ignorant or indifferent.

The next big test is when 4.2 comes out. This patch will alter the landscape in Hyjal, and probably phase a lot of it, too. Will they manage this without adding the same bugs back in that they fixed in 4.1? This will provide some insight into their test process.

Now, to be fair, the phased nodes in Hyjal are still a problem – only Twilight Highlands seems to have gotten a lot of love in this regard. They may simply be thinking, "why fix this now when we have a big revamp in 4.2?"  I can’t argue too vigorously against that, if resources are tight.

What a Coincidence!

Shortly after posting the archives for Hammer of Grammar, the author of said series was located in a most unusual way. I’m happy to say that Meghan O’hara, the author, has graciously given permission to continue to host the series.


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