Posting in the moment because that’s the way it works

Eff the Ineffable is now 7/12 Normal, placing us at #50 for our server (up from 54 last week). This is amazing from my perspective; I’ve never been so far along in progression so early in the expansion. But here I am, trying to hold my end up among a group of really kickass raiders.

I will say that since my last post on the subject, I have made a lot of progress in improving my numbers. Not only gear, enchanting, and other refinements, but just getting used to the rhythm of being a Survival Hunter in a raiding environment.  It used to be that I had to rely on autoshot for most of my damage on the more complex fights. Nowadays, I’m keeping my dots up and firing my cooldowns as soon as they come available without thinking about it.

The payoff is that I don’t consistently show up at the bottom of the DPS pile now. Some fights, I contribute the most, and in others, I trail, but in general I feel a lot more like I am pulling my weight. This is an extremely good feeling to have.

There are raiding nights in which I go to bed feeling wretched and useless, and others that I feel extreme satisfaction with myself and my friends. Tonight is the latter, and that, I am happy to say, happens far more often than the former.

We are a week or two from facing one of the end bosses, it appears. Cata boss progression is a bit confusing, for sure, but that still means  a lot.


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