Fulfilling a Promise to Myself


Update 4/22/11 – Following a bit of serendipity, I have received permission from the author, Meghan O’hara, to continue to house her work. Thanks, Meghan!

A while back, I managed to download the excellent webcomic Hammer of Grammar to my hard drive, just before the website went dark. For months I kept it on my rotation hoping it would revive itself.

It never did.

I promised myself that I would make those comics available somehow, but before I could, I felt the need to try to get permission to do so. Two years ago, in 2009, I found a lead and made inquiries, but never got a reply. Gweryc, the blogger in question, has not posted in over a year and a half.  The last surfacing of Auden was over 3 and a half years ago.  I don’t think we’re going to hear from them. I hope they’re well and happy together.

That leaves me with my unfulfilled promise. I have now delivered on it; up there in the menu you will now find a page that contains the entirety of Hammer of Grammar except for #1 – that one disappeared from the main site in 2007.

A couple of things:

  1. I don’t have permission to do this.  The page is a labor of love, and is borne of desire to share the wry wit of this most excellent series, however short it was.
  2. I could be contacted and issued a takedown notice by the creator. I will comply if that occurs. I have no desire to go against the creator’s wishes.
  3. I am considering additional rescue projects. I’m looking at you, Scout Report. How long has it been? ((And, incidentally, if anyone has contact info regarding Scout Report, please pass it along.))

That’s it. Take fifteen minutes of your life and enjoy yourself.


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  1. I concur with Scout Report. I would hate to lose that (though I’d rather just see more).


    • @Lisan – Oh, absolutely, moar is better than archived! But there is simply no way I can let that go unarchived. I’m already working on the crawler to go forth and obtain … scoutage.


  2. These comics are incredible! Thanks for archiving and I sure hope Auden and Gweryc are still in business somewhere…immense talent, simply immense.


    • @Imraith – All it takes is one comment like that to move it from “glad I did it” to “so totally worth it.” Thanks. 🙂


  3. I LOVED these comics and glad that you retrieved them from the interweb. I seem to recall a comic out there where a female protagonist goes into a shop and is shown the “female” version of the armor she wants to buy. It’s like a bikini. She slays the male shopkeeper and walks out in HIS armor (that, of course, covers everything). I thought that was this series, but it may have been a different comic.


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