We’re live!

Hello, all! I’m happy to say that transition from blogspot.com back to Grimmlabs has taken place relatively un-hitch-edly. Over the next (probably) weeks there will be little tweaks here and there as I settle in, but overall what you see is a lot like it’s going to be for the foreseeable future.

Things going on for the site:

  • Mulling over a “related posts” plugin.
  • Would like to find an auto-avatar plugin that would automatically put the author’s ‘banner’ in a post like at the top of this one (my handsome visage).
  • Still open to a different template, but the bottom line is that it has to allow rotating header images like this one does.

Now that this mess of work is done, I can settle back into more thought-out posting. Or what passes for it around here. For a few posts, I will continue to post a teaser at the old site but all the new posts will go here.

Upcoming WoW projects:

  • Head’s Up! – a long-term project of mine, in which I compare the current sate of the art for HUD addons. Almost done!
  • It Looked Good On Paper – It’s RP-ish story time again: Flora, Illume, and Jasra embark on a straightforward espionage mission, only to find that somebody else isn’t playing the same game!
  • HOWTO Gear Plan – Watch me get my geek on when I face the daunting task of figuring out what gear I need to get for raiding and beyond.
  • Web Crawling for Fun and Profit – Not sure if this will ever get done, but what if you had a way to track statistics on AH deals without logging in? I’m on it!
  • WoW Model Viewer export to …. something – Not strictly a blog project, but I’m thinking of busting out my toons to a space where I can give them a bit more life. Could machinima be far behind?

That’s it for now. If anyone sees anything wrong, please let me know!


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  1. I use “efficient related posts.” In theory, this plugin is kind and gentle to your bandwidth and database because it generates related posts once and stores them, rather than generating related posts every time someone loads the post.

    Also… you need a plugin to subscribe to comments via email. I use “subscribe to comments reloaded.”

    Other than that, welcome back to the world of self-hosting.


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