On Leavetaking

It’s time.

Hanging out here isn’t going to make things change back to what they once were. We had some good times, but they’re over. Time to face up to that and move on.

The Vorpal Bunnies didn’t take Arthas down, but we came close. For a brief moment, we were mighty, and the Lich King may have known doubt.

But we did our part. We fought the good fight. And he did go down, only not by our hand.

It is enough.

We’re done here. Northrend is a cold, nasty place filled with lonely ghosts and haunted memories. It’s time to find a new home.

Leavetaking1 Time to take my leave of the Legerdemain. I settle affairs with Amisi, who, despite her name, has the loveliest dark eyes I’ve seen in a Human. We chat a bit, have a little tea. Her husband teases me about monopolizing her time, joins in for a while, and then goes about cleaning up some. Business is light right now, we have plenty of time.

The Azuregazes reckon the Powers That Be might move Dalaran somewhere more useful now, which would suit me fine. I love this place. It’s been home for so long.

And they’ve done it before.

Well, time to get moving. They’ll send my stuff along once I let them know where.

Leavetaking2 So, where to? The bustle of Stormwind?  Flora can’t say enough about the place. The comfort of Darnasus?  Surrounded by my own kind, communing with Elune? Shattrath? I never spent much time there when I passed through.

But … I can’t see making a new home when what I really need is my real home.

Leavetaking3 I may have been born a Night Elf, but my real family is here, in Ironforge. How many times has Uncle Grimm brought us together here to revel for one of our own? His first Kara clear… Flora’s Dreadsteed … my first Naxxramas clear … Fai’s return … so many memories here.

Leavetaking4 Firebrew’s been our virtual Hearth even when we were actually Hearthed in Dalaran. But we always come back. This is our family’s home. And, Light willing, it always will be.

I have no idea what will come. Maybe some time among my childhood memories will help me get my groove back. Maybe a burned-out priest can find her way back into the world again. Or maybe she’ll retire and take up knitting magical toboggan hats that sit cunning on the head. Maybe she’ll even go so far as to pursue her old love of metalworking again.

Arthas is gone.

There’s a whole new life out there.

I hope it’s friendly.


I also hope it has plenty of ale.

Go with the Light, my friends.

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