In contrast

When Wrath of the Lich King was about to come out, we had an invasion of undead, but, more significantly, there were agents about that could turn one into a zombie, which could attack others and turn them into zombies.

The griefers embraced it. Gladly, joyfully, they got infected and attacked their fellow citizens.  I even got swore at for doing my duty defending Stormwind from the Scourge because they wanted to go kill the auctioneer (and didn’t have the stones to kill the one in Org, of course).


Compare and contrast with the scene not 30 minutes ago:


That’s me and my fellow Alliance going district to district in Stormwind, shutting down Elemental portals. I haven’t seen a stream of righteous heroes like this in … well, a long, long time.

So, pfah on those that say this event is fizzling. Sure, the quests are easy and it’s easy to discount it as gedunk, but it just might be bringing us together in common cause. Maybe.

Within the heart of a tired old Dwarf, the flame of hope rekindles.

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