Random warlock is random

I’ve been working on getting my Explorer badges while I can. This leads me hither and yon.

Behold: hither and yonage.

It's a close game in Silithus, folks.First, let’s talk about Silithus. Is it possible to be any more pathetic than 2/100 versus 1/100?  I realize the Spice Must Blow, but guys …


Remember Skoll? Here he is. He was here before I went in and completed VH as a random. He was still here after I came back out. I advertised to all the hunters in the zone. I advertised to my guild. I shouted it to the treetops. Nobody was interested. What is wrong with you people?

(The GM suggested I kill it for its drops. As far as I know, all it drops are hunter tears. No thanks. Grimm’s weepy enough already.)zul_drak_waterslide

Those trolls of Zul’Drak knew how to party. I never realized that they had a water slide.   Not functional at the moment, but I’m sure that can be managed. Need something to wash out the rotten stench of Arthas’ minions, after all.

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