Game On!

Note: minor edit.

I don’t think I’m going too far out on a limb to say that this is isn’t unique to my own guild – I hear things. Many things. The ears, they’re there for a reason, mmkay?

Namely, a lot of confusion between farm content and progression content. In some cases, I know our “A” team has shuffled around because one of the tanks can’t run, but overall it feels like we’re seeing a constant stream of alts come along for a free ride.

That works right up to the point that it doesn’t, and then it doesn’t … spectacularly.

This isn’t Farmville

Right now we have everything up to Saurfang on farm in ICC. Doesn’t matter if we bring 2nd or even 3rd string alts, that ugly mofo is going down, and his little beasties with him. Every time.

But, once you get past the easy parts, things start to fall apart. For example, as geared as our first tier raiders are, we shouldn’t wipe on Fester, and we’re pretty close to it on Rotface.  And we should not leave the Professor standing at the end of the night. That’s 2nd-stringer territory.

Bring the A-Team

Once you hit that progression content, the bar is raised, and anyone that can’t get over it – shouldn’t have someone helping him or her over. At this point we are here to learn the fight, sort out what the gadgets and gimmicks are, and push the pretty little buttons until the boss is done.

But we can’t do that if we don’t have our game faces on, which include our first-string avatar game faces.

2nd tier DPS makes us fail on Professor P, for instance, because we don’t get the slimes down fast enough, and invariably Big Orange gets dragged over the one or two GOOD DPSs in the room. Wipe, repeat. And do I need to point out what 2nd tier healies do for Dreamwalker?

Not doing me any favors here.

A big reason that we’ve seen so many alts? “My main doesn’t need the badges.” Well, that’s nice for you, and all, but that does squat for the team. Remember us? We’re all supposed to be working together on the explicit goal of bringing down the Lich King. The sooner, the better. ’cause then we can help you farm batches.

This is me

Right, housecleaning starts with me.  For the past couple ICC-1 runs, our supposed A-Game has been Flora. Not because she needs the badges, but because I think the GM/RL felt we were getting bored and frustrated. That’s very kind of her, but selfish of me.

So we’re bringing our “A” game. Me, or, if we need DPS, Grimm. But alts are going to have a sit for a while until I see Arthas’ pasty butt on the ground. Because, it’s really important that we make progress, here, and we can’t if I cause someone else to bring 2nd tier heals or something.

Wish us luck. Sparkle Princes are getting on my nerves.

So say we all.


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