They’re great with the waffle cone, too.

They don’t have much call for soldiers of the Light in Tanaris, but they do appreciate – and pay well – soldiers in general. As always, when passing through, I like to stop by the racetrack on the Flats and enjoy a little goblin-on-gnome mayhem.

I admit it, I just watch to see the crashes. Goblins + gunpowder + more gunpowder = really big explosions. As a Dwarf, I really do appreciate that sort of thing. As a Wildhammer, doubly so.

And they usually tip well when I help heal their shattered bodies afterward.

Today, something was different. I saw a familiar silhouette by the ice cream vendor.  And it looked like she was buying a cone for her squire.

“Flora! I didn’t expect to see you here.”

I’ve never seen a warlock jump so high in all my life.

“Amus … um … hi! Fancy meeting you here!”

“Getting a little treat for the squire, I see. That’s mighty kind of you. Yep!”  The squire beamed.

“Yes … the squire … Andy likes the butterscotch, don’t you, Andy?”

“Yes, milady! It’s my favorite!”

“That’ll be ten silver, ma’am,” Brivelthwerp piped up.

“Ten … that’s for two cones.”

Flora flushed a little, “Well … yeah. Might as well have one, too, since I came all this way.”


“Listen … Amus … it wouldn’t do for this sort of thing to get around Stormwind. You know … evil matron of Demonic forces … ice cream cones … just doesn’t … well, what I’m saying is, I’d make it worth your …”

“I’ll take a butter Pecan sundae, extra nuts.”


What can I say? I’m a sucker for the butter pecan. Especially with the hot fudge on top.

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