Winey post? Ewww!

Word has it that today is Whiney Post Day or something like that, a day in which bloggers (or at least WoW-ish bloggers) are given authorization to be whiney about things that may or may not be justified.

Well, foo on that.

As you well know, we here at Casa de Grimmtooth are not ones to wait for a particular day to get our whine on. We whine incessantly. I mean, really. If I have to hear Jas bitch about healing one more time I’m liable to spike her next soulstone.  And Uncle Grimm, dear? Nobody put a gun to your head. Go shoot something. That’s a nice old dorf.

Anyway – in acknowledgment of the sad “reality” that passes for “reality” here, we’d like to take a very brief moment to thank you for sticking around regardless.

And if this was about wine instead of whine … well, have one for me.


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