What’s your favorite thing?

The Question

A meme is running around WoW blogs about "what’s your favorite thing about your favorite class?"

Lately, this is somewhat of a daunting question. I do have a favorite class, and I have many things I like about it, but the question brings out some other questions that are vexing at the moment.

What’s to like?

There are a zillion things I like about my main’s class. Huntering is my most favorite thing in the whole world of Azeroth. It’s fun. It’s an amazing class that has unique interactions with the game.

  • Having the ability to survive in solo runs that others dare not tread, and yet be able to turn on the pew pew pew and come out in the top damage dealers in a Kara raid.
  • The personal touch of being able to name your pet.
  • The variety of pets available, and the ability to pick out your very own.
  • My two favorite words: "Feign Death".

What’s not to like?

The little screw ups that make me feel bad – sending my pet off on the wrong target, pet charging off unexpectedly (happens to Warlocks, too, I’ve noticed). The badly placed trap. The unintended crit that broke aggro. Forgetting to turn off AotP. Huntard-induced wipes.

But my least favorite things? The cracks from people about my class that clearly have no understanding as to how to play it properly. A joke is a joke, but when it’s in earnest, it really hurts. These usually come from people that have hunter alts that are still running with the Kaz Modan bear that has no "wild" talents upgraded, or don’t even have a pet, or prefer to do melee instead of ranged, or any number of other ignorant things that separate the real hunters from the wannabees.

I hate taking digs from people like this, that aspire to the height of mediocrity in the class I’ve chosen for my main, and yet have the nerve to comment on something that they don’t understand.

It grates on me, and it takes away from my enjoyment of the game.

The Reality

Every role in this game has its challenges. That’s why I play one of each, so I know what the strengths and weaknesses of each are. I want to understand so that no matter what role I am in, I can work with and around the strengths and weaknesses of my fellows. And that means that I don’t go around talking trash about something I don’t understand, either. I learn. I know better.

I mean, come on, people, Blizz has spent 3 years or more balancing all the different classes. I think that if you feel one class or the other has it harder than the others, it might not be the class. It just might not be.

Anyone can play a class and get mediocre results and claim that class is easy. It’s in the finer points of the class where the player has the real opportunity to shine or fail. If all you do is sit back and hit autofire on a hunter alt, then you fail at this particular criteria. If all you ever do with your Warlock is DoT or Shadowbolt (depending on how you lean) then you will either have a hard time soloing or a hard time instancing. If all your priest does is bubble then whack with a mace, then … well, you get the idea.

Failure to excel on your alts, let alone your main, is your failing, not the class’. Every class has its "easy mode" that is based off of level 10 criteria. Beyond that point is what separates those willing to learn from the rest of the pack.


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